Vertical garden plants melbourne

Vertical garden plants melbourne

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Welcome to your. Breathe easy with Atmosphy. Discover More. Bespoke Plantscape installations Atmosphy green space solutions maximise your floor, wall ceiling and roof space to transform them into dramatically enhanced, unique environments with reduced pollutants and improved air quality. We create bespoke home office, office, commercial indoor garden installations.

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9 of the best plants for vertical gardens

Vertical gardens and living walls are by no means a new fad. We are thinking old English country mansions covered in ivy, vibrant Bougainvillea adorning Mediterranean courtyard walls; or in fact, the fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Recently though, creating green spaces and the use of green walls and vertical gardens has seen a real renaissance. And of course, this has also led to a real boom in homegrown, DIY, simple gardening projects, creating charming, restful corners or delivering the freshest of produce straight from your balcony to your kitchen table.

With DIY ideas for your own piece of paradise and inspiration from around the globe. In no particular order:. This might be the ultimate green wall for your balcony. How cool will it be to have fresh herbs at the ready to add that extra sprinkle of flavour to your dishes.

A simple way to achieve this is shown here with a wall of terracotta pots hung on a reinforcing steel grid. But a simple piece of trellis will work just as well. This path leading up to the front door could have easily been leading past an ordinary white wall or an unsightly boundary fence. Instead a lush, living mural has been created with a variety of carefully chosen plants and shrubs.

Plants have been positioned well and making use of the full height and length and the minimal ground space it does have. This does need a smidgen of a green thumb to set up, but we think it has the wow-factor. This is how to create a romantic and secluded space on your porch, or balcony!

Ok, we really love the seat, perfect for a balmy summer evening with good company or a good read. But the living wall is the icing on the cake here, with a variety of plants and evergreens providing the perfect backdrop and also privacy from neighbours.

One that has fully ripened and is still warm from the sun. The planters here are perfect for a small patio wall. Wide enough at the top and narrowing at the base, they make the perfect hanging pots for strawberries.

Find a sunny wall and get ready for fresh summer berries. What a great way to recycle an old door and a couple of old tubs. Add your favourite lick of paint and pieces of pottery and voila: garden art with a mission! They seem to wrap the entire home like a warm blanket and we can only imagine what this house will look like in autumn! This African safari is an awesome alternative to your run of the mill pots and vases! It comes down again to choosing the right spot and the right plant and to providing good support for your plants to climb.

Such an effective way to brighten up a space with foliage. Another great way to create an easy, inexpensive wall of fresh herbs, small vegies, and microgreens. What we like about these pockets is that they will hold moisture well and can fold away easily during the colder winter months. They certainly also have an eye for beauty and design. This photo was taken in Umbria and to us it exemplifies the art of creating beautiful corners, adding unexpected pops of colour and effortlessly making the most of small spaces.

An easy DIY weekend project for the whole family. Succulents come in a great variety of shades of green, shapes and sizes. Have fun choosing your favourites at your local market or garden centre, then planting them in a meshed frame.

This will look good anywhere, indoors, or outdoors. This living wall is in a shop and provides a beautiful focal point and waiting space in an otherwise quite stark, windowless space. What a great use of space! Some simple shelving, a lick of paint and cleverly arranged pots and ornaments have transformed this window into a very personal, interesting focal point. What might otherwise not lead to much of a view, is now quite a charming part of this room.

Who said a living wall had to be green! Check with your local garden center which plants will work best in your area. We are thinking pot plants and plants that thrive in hanging baskets and borders. This one will need a bit of work to look that good, but the result is so rewarding. Are you living in a small apartment and trying to fit in some greenery for the soul? A simple DIY project with some terracotta pots, rope and wood for your hanging plants, herbs or some potted colour. It ticks all the boxes.

Fresh produce grown locally. The planters are made out of sustainably grown bamboo, they look fantastic and can be set up in a small space. With a bit of love, this wall garden will give you continuous fresh, homegrown and organic produce; from your patio or balcony straight to your kitchen table. What a lovely way to use up some wood cut offs or spare planks from a wooden pallet.

This makes for a lush display of greenery the length of the wall, together with some cleverly arranged pot plants. What a lovely welcome, this living door makes. OK, we admit it: this is not the project for the faint hearted. This needs a bit of planning in terms of space, plants available, position and framing. But we hope it serves as a great example of what can be achieved with a variety of ordinary pot plants and climbers and a bit of planning.

What a funky idea! This must be one of the most inexpensive ways to create a small herb and plant garden with a bit of attitude. Someone managed to grow this gorgeous plant from the tiniest square of soil — but what an effect this has. This wonderful climber adds an amazing pop of colour to this otherwise ordinary house front in Gozo, Malta. Such a simple way to make this entrance extraordinary! Consider adding these pots instead of your kitchen utensils and having your fresh herbs exactly where you need them.

Add a small piece of foam to the bottom of these steel containers to help with drainage. You can almost smell the fragrance of from the riot of blooms.

We love the use of pallets on the walls, the variety of potted flowers spilling out from everywhere and the layers of planting achieved through various planter boxes.

Really inspiring; definitely achievable. This works well even in the smallest of places. There are some amazing ferns, such as Nephrolepsis, that will work really well for this kind of planting and will add instant lushness and green goodness to any room. OK, so this is probably not possible everywhere, but we just loved the simple but effective idea behind it. This would make good use of an old washing line we reckon. Totally inexpensive, easy to set up and utterly rewarding.

No more bending down to get your vegies either. If you want to add extra creativity and style in your garden, consider having a vertical garden. These are great ideas suitable for every home. Home Shop Melbourne Flowers. By Gaby Douglas. You Might Also Like. What to write in a birthday card September 23,How to Get Rid of Aphids February 12,Apologising With Flowers August 30,Ava HIREtrades December 17, at pm If you want to add extra creativity and style in your garden, consider having a vertical garden.

Vertical Garden Plants Wall Plants By Designer Vertical Gardens @Best Pricing

Please note; This plant species guide, does not apply to other small volume vertical garden pots! Multi-Hang 4. Wallgarden 5. The holes at the bottom of Wallgarden products, are designed by quantity and size to give correct aeration of the potting mix and ensures no potting mix flows through with watering.

Offering Vertical Gardens, Circular and Custom Frames, Planter Boxes, Hanging Plants, Potted Plants, Floral Arrangements, Homemade Tree Designs, UV-Treated.

Vertical Gardens: Do or Don’t?

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. View as:. Apex is your go-to supplier of high quality commercial furniture and decor in Australia, selling only the most durable, built to last items available. Choosing to incorporate beautiful vertical gardens into your business is going to have numerous beneficial effects on you, your staff, and your customers. Not only will they help to enhance your decor, they can also encourage positive feelings in the people who see them. Vertical gardens can be used for a modern office, hotel, restaurant, cafe, bar, pub, club, and any other kind of commercial venue that you can conceive of. Apex offer only the most aesthetic pieces of furniture and vertical gardens in Australia, so call to get a quote today. The gorgeous screen of potted plants can go indoors or outdoors; wherever you feel they will look best. You can use as many of these beautiful vertical gardens as you like to create the look and finish you have in mind.

Construction of GSky Versa Wall™ for West Elm Melbourne

Our shop both in store and online stocks a range of beautiful pots, garden care including plant food, indoor and outdoor plants and much more. The success of our vertical gardens begins with the right selection of plants for your space. Our qualified installers are there to ensure correct installation from the get-go, with ongoing service and maintenance also provided. With over 19 years experience, our talented specialist landscaping team have lovingly designed and installed 15 vertical gardens bringing the outdoors into corporate offices across Melbourne! At The Conservatory we are proud to offer carefully designed landscape gardens crafted to suit our local private and commercial customers preferences while prioritizing sustainability.

The next generation in artificial plants.

A Lush, 5.5-Kilometre Vertical Garden – One of the World’s Tallest – Is Planned for Melbourne

Think Vertical Green Walls and Greensmart Wicking Beds provide you with year round vibrant, healthy plants grown in our unique organic soil mix. Think Vertical designs beautiful outdoor vertical garden and privacy screen solutions for your home, unit or office area. If edible vertical gardens are on the menu, our background in organic farming will ensure you grow the very best produce right outside your kitchen door. Vertical Gardens allow you to get closer to nature. Think Vertical is a locally owned Vertical Garden specialist, we have over 20 years experience in the horticultural, organic and construction industries, you can be confident Think Vertical is the right choice for turning dull, bland or vacant concrete walls into living works of art.

Vertical Garden Supply and Install

A lot of the new houses being built in Perth do not have a lot of or have no space at all for soil and plants. With a view on poured concrete and a fence, you outdoor can quickly look grim unless you do something about it. An easy fix to this is a vertical garden. If you told me I could create a garden that requires minimal watering and space, little to none soil, AND it grew vertically? When we think of traditional gardens we think of mulching, weeding, planting, mowing, and watering, the list of things to do is endless. Introducing the vertical garden; also known as a green wall in commercial spaces. As simple as it sounds, a vertical garden is basically just a garden that grows upwards using a trellis or other support systems such as arches, containers, and panels.

Vertical garden design come in many/various shapes, forms and sizes and can exist in indoor and outdoor locations/settings. Located in Melbourne Australia.

Artificial Greenery

Vertical gardens — otherwise known as a greenwall — are increasingly popular in Brisbane. As well as looking stunning, a well-constructed green wall set up will also reduce heat entering a building and attract birds and other wildlife to the area. The Wallgarden greenwall system is a simple and modular design, suited to small or medium application.

Plant Species & Potting Mix Guide for Greenwalls and Vertical Gardens

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Craving for some lush green around you but have limited space? Worry not!

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Stunning balcony garden with vertical garden by Kate Grace. Beautiful vertical gardens. Lush, green walls with all our favourite plants, suitable even for the smallest balcony or courtyard. Following the Australian Garden Show Sydney earlier this month, there appears to be one feature that has stuck in the minds of most attendees. Clients and friends all seem to be talking about vertical gardens. Which worries me a lot.

Sky Garden

It's easy to blend art with nature. Our range of metal vertical gardens allow you to highlight your favourite foliage or enhance architectural plant forms. Meanwhile, our trellises support the climbing plants throughout garden spaces with a range of oxidised metal designs from sticks to arbours to panels. Entanglements Metal Art Studio designs and manufactures all of our vertical gardens right here in Melbourne.