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Auburn university horticulture faculty

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  • Wesley Totten, Ph.D.
  • Jeff Sibley named Auburn's head of horticulture
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Wesley Totten, Ph.D.

Horticulture can simply be defined as the culture or growing of gardens , having been derived from two latin words, Hortus , meaning garden and Cultura , meaning culture or growing. Horticulture is thus a broad division under which the growing of flowers Floriculture , fruits Pomology , vegetables Olericulture , maintainence of landscaped plants Landscape Horticu;lture and maintaining quality and preventing spoilage of horticultural crops Postharvest Physiology.

Horticulture, as it is learnt and taught in many Universities of today, probably had its origins in the stone ages as there were evidences suggesting use of flowers in the funerals around 60, years ago. Further, Archaeological researches indicate that after the Ice Age, which ended about 11, BC, humans started to lead a more settled life.

Instead of eating all of the seeds that they collected, some seeds were kept and planted so that they could be cultivated and eaten in the next season. This could be repeated year after year, enabling a more controllable source of food.

This was the beginning of the domestication of plants , the earliest practices of Horticulture. The practice of this practice developed over time into a full-fledged science taught in hundreds of universities around the world. In view of providing information to the lovers of gardening, The Flower Expert compiles a comprehensive list of all the top departments of Universities offering educational and research services in Horticulture.

The followin is the list of top universities offering Horticulture in the US. It will shortly be updated with the list of universities in other parts of the world. References Used - Thanks: History of Farming. Interesting information on this topic. How was your experience? Thank you so much. Your feedback means a lot to us. Our team will be working on it for better experience.

Write your feedback. Thank you for contacting us, We will get back to you within 2hours. Meanwhile to check our Corporate Flower Guide click here. Added to cart successfully!

Jeff Sibley named Auburn's head of horticulture

The College of Sciences offers students a scientific education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world. The faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences are there ready to share their vast knowledge gained from participating and running various types of research projects in the Scientific community. Bio: Dr. His research is mainly focused in understanding the ecological and evolutionary drivers of variation in Biodiversity across the globe. Costa has worked with different groups of organisms such as amphibians, reptiles and mammals disentangling the roles of abiotic, biotic and evolutionary factors in explaining diversity patterns from local to global scales.

Patrick Thompson graduated with a Master of Science degree from Auburn University (AU) Department of Horticulture in He has been employed by AU Department.

Speaker Bio

Overall Quality Based on 9 ratings. Jeff Sibley. Professor in the Horticulture department at Auburn University. I'm Professor Sibley Submit a Correction. Professor Sibley's Top Tags. Check out Similar Professors in the Horticulture Department 5. Apr 4th,For Credit: Yes.

Auburn University

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Note: The date in parenthesis after each name indicates the beginning year of employment. Nathan Akins , Accounting ; M.

Full Time Faculty

In addition to her education, Liz has experience in nursery and greenhouse plant production and teaching. As time passed, her passion for horticulture continued to grow which inspired her pursuit of higher education in the discipline of Horticulture Science. During her time at North Carolina State University, Liz was able to participate in many different opportunities that helped her to determine her career path. Through this internship, Liz learned much about nursery and greenhouse plant production. This experience revealed her extreme interest in this particular area of horticulture which motivated her to further her education.

Faculty Directory

In the Department of Horticulture, our work influences everything from human health and nutrition to the simple beauty and pleasure of the world around us. We discover and promote sustainable ways to produce healthier fruits and vegetables. We design, build and grow amazing landscapes. And we work to do all this in ways that protect and preserve the natural environments around us. For almost years, our graduates have been growing, intensively managing and creatively using high-value plants to improve the quality of life, sense of well-being and food security in communities across the Southeast United States and far beyond. Industry demand for horticulture students always exceeds supply. Our undergraduate degree in horticulture offers four areas of specialization, preparing you for specific industry sectors or for graduate studies in the field.

Jeff Sibley, an Auburn University alumnus and faculty member, has been named head of the Department of Horticulture at Auburn University.

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According to Kerry Smith , the Alabama Cooperative Extension System home grounds team co-coordinator and Master Gardener program coordinator, consumer horticulture includes everything from vegetable gardening to playing in a park, strolling in a public garden or growing plants in a windowsill. She said what began as a push to gain traction and attention for grant funding within the industry, became a publicity and educational effort to bring awareness to the multifaceted consumer horticulture sector. The NICH seeks to promote the numerous benefits Americans receive through plants at home and in their communities. All of these aspects are integral to our Auburn University horticulture department curriculum, as well as the focus of what our Alabama Extension home grounds agents do on a daily basis. As experts worked across state lines to develop talking and teaching points for public education, Smith said the need for promotional materials became apparent.

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Status of ITS resources. See all of Majors and programs. See all of Academic units. See all of Catalogs and courses. See all of Academic support. Barden, Ph.

Nicholas D. He succeeded May ornamental horticulture graduate Jeremy L. Read more.

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